Teachers in our schools work hard to educate our children, but it’s a parent’s responsibility to teach them about life and the importance of things like faith, hard work, honesty, and respect. As parents, one lesson we hope our children will never have to learn is what it feels like to be ridiculed and embarrassed, to feel inferior because of the clothing they wear. School should be something children look forward to, not something they dread.

For 21 years, our Uniforms for Kids Program has distributed school uniforms to poor and homeless children. When you see photos of kids like Lynn, Raven, Frankie, and McKinzie, at the top of this letter, you are not only looking at children who have been assisted through this program, you are also seeing the reason we’re here. Our mission is to reach out to our neediest citizens, and children are the most vulnerable of all the people we serve.

Our Uniforms for Kids effort has saved thousands of children from the humiliation of going to school without the proper attire. Because of this program, needy children can face the first day of school with their heads held high. This year, WAFB Channel 9, Locke Meredith - Sean Fagan and Associates, Our Lady of the Lake Children's Health and the Albemarle Foundation have joined St. Vincent de Paul to help give a hand-up to our community’s neediest children by providing the school uniforms they need.

Parents aren’t perfect, but the vast majority of them are doing the best they can – sometimes, despite overwhelming obstacles. Fair market rent in our area for a two-bedroom apartment is $865 a month, so you can see why people working for a low hourly wage struggle to pay for rent, food, and utilities. Too often, there’s nothing left over for clothing. Unfortunately, utility bills are the highest at the same time children need new school uniforms.

Some of the life stories we hear from the people we serve are heartbreaking. Many of them are working two jobs to provide for their families and still can’t make ends meet. Their children are victims of circumstances beyond their control, and we want to help as many as we can.

That’s the reason we’re here. We help people to help themselves, but we’re even more concerned about people who can’t help themselves – children like Lynn, Raven, Frankie, and McKinzie. Will you consider helping just one child? At a cost of $12.00 for each uniform, a donation of just $24.00 will provide two uniforms – one to wash and one to wear. You can make a difference and give by pressing this link - GIVE NOW. How many children can you help?

On behalf of all those we serve through our critical community programs, we thank you in advance for consideration of our request. Be assured, no amount is too small or too large, and every donation makes a real difference.

Click "Free Uniform Qualifications" below to see how you can qualify to receive free uniforms in East Baton Rouge Parish. 

If you need assistance with uniforms, or would like to find out more information on our 12 parish area including: East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Iberville, Assumption, Ascension, Pointe Coupee, Livingston, West Feliciana, East Feliciana, St. James, St. Helena, and Tangipahoa parish please call (225) 357-8833.

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