Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers play a critical role in all of our programs. Whether they are serving food, sorting clothing, stuffing envelopes, or dispensing medicine, the people who volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul are helping us serve our community's neediest citizens. There are many volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups.

Listed below are some of the volunteer opportunities at the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room, our assorted shelters and housing programs, St. Vincent de Paul Stores/Distribution Centers, the Community Pharmacy, and our Council Office.

St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room

220 St. Vincent de Paul Place

  • Meal Servers - Volunteers are needed to serve hot meals to our Dining Room guests between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

  • Kitchen Helpers - Volunteers are needed to help our kitchen staff sort and clean fruits and vegetables.

  • Delivery People - Volunteers are needed to make morning and afternoon pickups at local bakeries and supermarkets and deliver the donated items to our Dining Room.


Bishop Stanley J. Ott Shelters

1623 Convention

  • Cooks - We need a group who can bring in a prepared supper once a month for our homeless men. Extra food from banquets would also be welcomed.

  • Toiletry Collectors - We need a group or person to collect toiletry items, such as toothbrushes, combs and razors. We will work with you and your organization to collect these items.

  • Computer Instruction - Volunteers are needed to instruct both day and evening program guests on basic computer skills.

  • Weekend Volunteers - Volunteers are needed to assist with life skills instruction for homeless women, children and men.


St. Vincent de Paul Stores / Distribution

  • Carpenters - Volunteers are needed who can repair damaged furniture donated to the Store. Repaired items are placed for sale on the Store floor. Experience can range from those who are handy around the house to those who are professional carpenters.

  • Electronics Repairman - An experienced volunteer is needed to repair donated televisions and small appliances. These items are placed on the Store floor for our needy customers.

  • Clothing/Christmas Decoration Sorter - Volunteers are needed to sort and organize donated clothing and Christmas decorations. After the items are organized, they are placed on the Store floor for our customers.


St. Vincent de Paul Community Pharmacy

220 St. Vincent de Paul Place

  • Inventory - Volunteers are needed to write the expiration date on incoming drug samples, stock the shelves, and pull expired drugs from the shelves. There will be supervision and the volunteers can work only when the pharmacy is open.

  • Pharmacy Technicians - Volunteers are needed to assist the pharmacists in the daily operation of the pharmacy. Duties may include reading prescriptions, pulling the drug from stock, counting medications, and entering data in the computer system. Training will be provided.

  • Screening - Volunteers are needed to screen people who come in for medicines. The screener must review the referral, discuss the person's financial situation, make referrals to other agencies as appropriate, and write their findings. The position requires patience and understanding and the ability to say no. There will be training for all screening volunteers.

  • Physician Liaisons - Volunteers are needed to contact physician's offices, pick up any donations of drug samples and deliver those samples to the pharmacy. The Community Pharmacy is stocked with drug samples donated by physicians. These liaison volunteers will develop a relationship with the physician's office and arrange to get the donations from the physician's office to the pharmacy.

  • Registered Pharmacists - Volunteer registered pharmacists are needed to keep our pharmacy open. Without a pharmacist, the Community pharmacy cannot open its door. Give four hours a day, once or twice a month and help those in need.


St. Vincent de Paul Council Office

220 St. Vincent de Paul Place

  • Clerical - Groups or individuals are needed to help us label and stuff envelopes during our newsletter mailings. A person to answer the phone would be a big help. Any amount of time would be greatly appreciated.

For more information please call us at (225) 383- 7837 or click the link below to contact us.