At some point in our lives, most of us have taken a big step, or leap of faith. For over 150 years, St. Vincent de Paul has been blessed with individuals who are willing to take a big step to help people in need. They step out of their comfort zone and come to serve the poor, homeless, sick, mentally ill or disabled. They put their faith into action in a remarkable way. When someone does that, they demonstrate what they truly believe is important and inspire others as well.

Throughout my life, many people have inspired me – people like Bishop Robert Muench. What a phenomenal example of someone who lives a life of faith and always puts others first. This holiday season, you’ll once again see the Bishop here at St. Vincent de Paul, giving of his time and talent, handing out Christmas gifts, visiting with the poor and homeless. Before the end of the year, he’ll also be cutting the ribbon on our newly expanded Sweet Dreams emergency shelter.... (Continue Reading).....

Inspirational people come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all ages. It’s not just community leaders who inspire others; it’s often school children who collect toys, food, clothing, or toiletry items for the needy. At the opposite end of the age spectrum are older volunteers, some who are well into their eighties, or early nineties. They all took a step out of their comfort zone to live their faith. These are my heroes.

As you saw in the article about Holiday Helpers, Constable Reginald Brown and all those involved with that effort have been community heroes for years. Constable Brown has always been a personal hero of mine, someone that took it upon himself – with the help of many others – to make a difference. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we’ll share more exciting news about St. Vincent de Paul’s Thanksgiving meal at the River Center, continuing the Holiday Helpers tradition.

More than ever, we need people to step up, to help us, not only as volunteers, but also financially. Continuing the Holiday Helpers tradition is a big step for us – a leap of faith. I’m confident that we’ll be successful – not because of anything I do, but because of the great leadership we have at St. Vincent de Paul and because of you and all the others that support the good work we do in our community.

-- Michael J. Acaldo, President & CEO, St. Vincent de Paul Charities