Part 1 - Administrative Policies and Procedures

1-100    Assurances

1-105   Equal Employment Opportunity Policy  

1-110    Separation of Church/State Compliance Policy

1-115    Inclusion

1-120    Flood Insurance Policy

1-200    Administrative

1-205    Confidentiality of Privacy Records Policy

1-207    Records Policy

1-210    Involvement of Homeless Persons

1-225    Guest Treatment Policy

1-230    Survey on Services



2-100    Homeless Services Policy

2-200    Clients Computer Usage

2-300    Shelter Services

2-310    Shelter Admission Policy

2-315    Service and Assistance Animals

2-320    Length of Stay Policy

2-330    Termination of Shelter Assistance Policy

2-340    Grievance Process/Termination Appeal

2-350    Shelter Rules

2-350.1           Men’s Shelter Rules

2-350.2           Sweet Dreams Shelter Rules

2-350.3           Day Program Shelter Dress Code

2-350.4           Day ProgramRules

2-350.5           Safe Sleeping Environment

2-350.6           Shelter Rights and Responsibilities

2-360   Enrolling School Age Children in School

2-400    Myriam’s House Transitional Living

2-410             Admissions Policy

2-420             Resident Manual

2-430             Forms

 Myriam's House Initial Intake Assessment

 Myriam's House Folder Identification Form

 Progress Notes for Guests Form

 Progress Report for Guest to Fill Out

 Budget Form

 Service Plan  

2-500 Residential Supportive Services

2-510      ESG Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Policy

2-515      Rapid ReHousing Policy

2-520   Clothing Policy

2-530   Furniture Policy

2-540   Bus Passes

2-550   Myriam’s House SHP Program



3-100 Fire Safety

3-200 Main Campus Zone Descriptions

3-300 Main Campus 1st Floor Zone Map

3-305 Main Campus 2nd Floor Zone Map

3-310 Exit Plan Admin 2nd Floor

3-315 Exit Plan Day Pgm and Old Mens Shelter 1st Flr

3-320 Exit Plan Dining Room and Kitchen 1st Flr

3-325 Exit Plan Mens Shelter 2nd Floor

3-330 Exit Plan Sweet Dreams

3-335 Exit Plan Plank Rd