Read this Beautiful Message from St. Aloysius Conference President Kim Bueche Hardman!

St. Aloysius Church %22Fill Up the Truck!%22.png

Hello you beautiful souls! 

FIVE FILLED TRUCKS from our St. Aloysius “SVdP Fill Up the Truck(S)!” Event! I am talking FILLED TRUCKS!!!!! How awesome is that??!? Such amazing generosity from our St. Aloysius Parishioners and the Baton Rouge Community! Thanks be to God! A special thanks to St. Aloysius for supporting and promoting this annual faith filled event and worthy cause. And, a very special thanks to Crystal Chatelain, SVDP District Council President (representing 23 Catholic Churches) as she sent the below beautiful message to us this past Saturday morning. 

What a glorious and grace filled day was had by all on behalf of St. Vincent de Paul and in filling those trucks and in filling our precious neighbors’ needs. So many worked joyously and tirelessly…Vincentians, SVdP’s extraordinary staff and spirits (Lucille Cox, D’Andre, Quincy, Roy), CHS and SJA students (over 20 of them!)… we all came together in fellowship and fun…doing the Lord’s work! Everyone served with such zeal to keep everything moving perfectly truck after truck after truck after truck after truck! 

It was also remarkably heartfelt to see and feel firsthand the healing graces that came from the generosity and love of those who were passing on their loved ones belongings. The loving spirits of their loved ones live on in helping make better the lives of others in need. We thank them wholeheartedly. May they feel God’s healing graces and gratitude.

The opening and ending prayer…as we held hands in a circle of love and prayer ( our youth…our future, SVdP staff, Vincentians)….. WOW! Holy and powerful as we gave thanks for the day, for one another and for our almighty and all powerful ever loving God for bringing us together in this beautiful ministry. God’s pure affirmation of all that is good. Thank you, Jesus, for teaching us the way, the truth and the life and for filling us with the Holy Spirit! We could feel it swirling in those strong winds all day long!!!!!!!

AND, oh yes, indeed….we again had live entertainment! Stay tuned for pics and video of this awesome day….!!!!!

Love, peace and gratitude. Kim last thing…P.S. Mark your calendars….God willing….5th Annual…Palm Saturday, April 13!!!