Vehicle Donations Fund Critically Needed Charitable Programs

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At St. Vincent de Paul, we rely on vehicle and boat donations to help us fund critically needed charitable programs. Thanks to the generosity of people throughout our community, these donations of cars, boats, motorcycles, RV’s, and jet skis translate into dollars for the services we provide.

If you’d like to donate a car, boat or recreational vehicle, give us a call at (225) 383-7837, extension 204, or click here. When you go online, be sure you go to our local website, If you accidentally donate through the National St. Vincent de Paul website, we will receive the proceeds from the sale, but it will not be as much. Locally, we have a dedicated volunteer who ensures that we get top dollar for every donation. Because of this volunteer’s dedication, we have provided help to thousands of people who could otherwise not have been helped – THANK YOU – Mr. Jack, our priceless volunteer! In addition to benefiting your local St. Vincent de Paul, Mr. Jack’s dedicated efforts have benefited every donor that gives locally because they are getting the maximum value for their tax deduction.