Making a Real Difference in the Lives of Children

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There is one major contributor that has been a part of the WAFBChannel 9 and St. Vincent de Paul Uniforms for Kids effort since its inception 22 years ago: the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation. Because of the outstanding leadership of J. H. Martin, Chairman; Doug Gonzales, Secretary; Warren Wilson; Greg Edwards; Stan Prutz; and Cliff Barton, Baton Rouge State Fair Chairman, our uniform effort benefits from the support of the Foundation every year.

Once again this year, they made a large contribution to St. Vincent de Paul and our efforts to provide school uniforms to needy children. The generosity of the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation is one of the best kept secrets in our community. The publicity they have received over the years covers only a fraction of the good work they do and the impact they make in our area. St. Vincent de Paul is blessed to have the support of the Foundation, which has touched the lives of so many needy children through Uniforms for Kids.

A lot of money is raised through individuals and families who have the resources to go out to the fair and enjoy a good time. The Foundation then uses those proceeds to promote educational, cultural, and other opportunities for needy children in the Greater Baton Rouge community. We thank J. H. Martin and all the Foundation Board members for doing so much good for so many years for so many people. These individuals haven’t done this for just a year or two; they’ve done it for decades.

We encourage everyone to support the 2019 state fair scheduled for October 24th through November 3rd. You’ll have a great time enjoying the entertainment and daily attractions, but best of all, you’ll be contributing to the Foundation’s worthwhile efforts to help children.