Volunteers Needed - Manna Givers Sweet Dreams Expansion Shelter

We need more Manna Givers for the Sweet Dreams EXPANSION Shelter.

Did you know that “manna” is a term used in the Old Testament of the Bible to describe something unexpected, especially if it feels like a miracle? Specifically, the Israelites, who were desperate, received “manna” in the form of bread just when they most needed it.

We have had guests of St. Vincent de Paul share with us the fear ...and trepidation they felt when they initially entered the shelter. After all, it was an environment unfamiliar to them. It is a natural human trait to fear the unknown because we can’t predict the outcome. It wasn’t long before these guests encountered empathetic shelter guests that had experienced these same feelings and staff members willing to help them in any way possible. Then, along comes the volunteer (the “Manna Giver”) that through love and selflessness brings a delicious meal made with compassion for one’s fellow human being. Yes, it feels like a miracle to our guests who have felt helpless and alone. No longer alone, our guests allow themselves to finally feel hope for the future.

If you are able, won’t you be a part of providing a miracle to our guests? If you have questions, please call us at 383-7837, ext. 207.

To sign up today, you may do so by using the link provided below: