EASTER 2019!

As we celebrate the joy of Easter, we are also reminded that those who loved Jesus were filled with sorrow and hopelessness in the days following the crucifixion.  But through the miracle of the resurrection, hope was restored, and the faith of His followers became so powerful that they were able to change the world. 
Here at St. Vincent de Paul, faith and hope are renewed daily. Like that first miracle of water transformed into wine, we know that Christ is present when we see dreams replacing despair, and a last chance become a new beginning.  We see His face in every person we serve, and it is His hand that guides us as we provide shelter, fill prescriptions, and serve meals to the needy.  
Most of the people who come to us have hope that things will get better, while others have almost given up.  At our St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room, we’re so grateful that we can give them a nourishing meal, as well as a helping hand to other resources.  In 2018, we served 282,000 meals and also served as a gateway to desperately needed services such as our shelter and pharmacy.

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Our Bishop Ott Shelters provided over 36,000 guest nights of shelter last year to homeless men, women, children, and families.  These are the poorest of the poor:  people who have lost everything.  It’s here that we most often see children like Billy, in the photo above – children whose families might be living on the streets or in their cars if our services were not available.  We offer them much more than a warm bed and safety from the streets; we give them hope for the future.

 Our Community Pharmacy is also a place where hope is resurrected.  Although we do see some younger patients, the majority are older individuals.  Many of them have never had to ask for help before and were breaking tablets in half or skipping doses of critical medications before coming to us.  Last year, we filled prescriptions worth more than $1.3 million, and each prescription improved someone’s health and touched their heart. In some cases, it saved a life. 

During this holy season, we are especially grateful for the people who make our work possible – people like you.  Over 2,000 years after the resurrection of Christ, St. Vincent de Paul is working hard to continue His ministry, and we need your help.  You were the answer to someone’s prayer in the past.  Will you support our efforts once again by giving online by clicking
It’s not just children like Billy that need a helping hand. Thousands of people are hungry, homeless, sick, or forgotten.  Be assured, their prayers do not go unheard.  It’s just that, sometimes, God wants us to be the answer.  
We thank you in advance for your support.  Your generosity will truly give hope to someone in desperate need.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Michael J. Acaldo
President & CEO

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