Help Us Keep Hope Alive in Our Community!


When you see someone on a street corner with a sign that says, “Homeless – Need Help,” your first instinct may be to hand them a cash donation, but we do not recommend that approach. Many people are homeless because they have lost a job, become disabled, and have no family or friends to turn to, but some are homeless because of mental illness or problems with addiction. What they all need is a safe place to stay, people who care, and a chance to get back on their feet. For over 150 years, we have made a difference by giving people in need a hand-up to a better life.

That’s the purpose of the St. Vincent de Paul “Hope Card” – to tell those who are in a situation of homelessness about the services we provide. Feel free to print up copies of our Hope Card (by clicking here) and keep a few in your pocket or your car. Rather than providing cash, our Hope Card can provide linkages to services to help someone overcome homelessness. We provide a place where they can get a hot meal, a bed, a shower, and a second chance. All of our services are free. Those really needing the services will be so thankful for the help.