Wasn't Christmas Just a Few Days Ago?

It seems like just yesterday that we were wrapping Christmas presents, and here we are in Lent.  Of course, the 2018 Lenten season falls earlier than usual.  This also means that there’s just a small window of time to prepare for Easter.  With every passing year, it seems that time goes by faster and faster.  Is it because we’re all so busy that the days seem to fly by?  Despite the hectic pace of today’s world, we are thankful that so many good people make the time to give of themselves – sharing their time, talent and treasure with the less fortunate. 
This Christmas season was spectacular!  You could really feel the Christmas spirit throughout our many charitable works.  At our pharmacy, staff, volunteers and guests got into the spirit of things with a Christmas tree.  The waiting area was filled with smiling faces, and the adults were just thrilled to receive their prescription medicines.  At our shelters, clothes and toiletry items were given out to the men and women, and every child received several gifts. 
If only you could have been here the Saturday before Christmas when Bishop Muench came out and distributed gifts to needy children.  What a great day that was!  From our Dining Room doors, the line extended all the way down the street, around the corner and down Florida Boulevard.  Eager boys and girls waited patiently to see what “Santa” had for them.  We thank Sylvia Weatherspoon, WBRZ- Channel 2 and Chick-fil-a for making it all possible.  Over 4,000 Christmas gifts were distributed! 
On Christmas Day, we again had a long line of people waiting outside our Dining Room, this time to share a traditional Christmas feast.  Our volunteers served up heaping plates of turkey with all the trimmings and made sure that no one left hungry – over 800 meals were served. 
We are constantly reminded that St. Vincent de Paul is more than just a city block containing buildings.  Our organization is a family of people who care about what’s going on in our area and recognize that each of us is a special gift from God.  When we see someone in need – whether they are hungry, in need of clothing, shelter or medicine – we are all called to respond and extend a helping hand-up.