Sweet Dreams Coming True!

In our last newsletter, we reported that the opening of our Sweet Dreams Shelter expansion was imminent.  Unfortunately, the project ran into some minor construction challenges in the final days before Christmas, which delayed our contractor’s ability to schedule all the final inspections.  Those inspections could not occur until after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  In January, all of the inspections were completed, and we now have our Certificate of Occupancy. 
As you may recall, our project was out for bids when the flood hit on August 12, 2016.  The flood greatly impacted the bids for this project, and the bids came in higher than expected.  Our architect, Bob Lunsford, negotiated with the lowest bidder to reduce costs and come closer to the original budget, which allowed us to move forward with the effort.
We took a leap of faith to begin this project and broke ground on March 27, 2017.  The flood didn’t stop this project and neither did the delays at the end of last year.  This expansion adds more than 40 additional beds to our current facility, expanding our ability to serve the homeless.
We anticipate an official opening, blessing and dedication shortly.  We are so excited about what this facility is doing for homeless families.  Homeless women and children will continue to be our focus.  They need our help, and this facility will provide the hope, shelter and services they need. 
Our total bed capacity for families will increase to over 80 with this project.  The exciting news from the Mayor’s Office will add an additional 36 beds for cold nights and other weather related emergencies.  That will bring our total bed capacity to 116 for families.  Our current bed capacity for men is 88.  Our total bed capacity (men, women and children) will jump to 204. 
We thank all of you for your support of this project!  We especially thank the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, and St. Aloysius Catholic Church for their substantial investment in this project.  More information on the generous individuals and families who have contributed to this project will be forthcoming in our next newsletter.