Build a Basket for A Child in Need!

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It was a special blessing for St. Vincent de Paul to be there for so many needy people this past Christmas.  We saw a large number of requests for the services we provide, and it was such a privilege to be able to provide the simple gifts of food, clothing, shelter and medicine.  We all think of giving at Christmas, but the season of Lent is a time for more than inward reflection and soul-searching.  It’s also a good time to look outside ourselves for ways to help others.  At Easter, We celebrate the life and resurrection of Our Lord, and there is no better time to give and to share the Easter message of hope.   Build a Basket is a program that allows us to share – in a small way – this message of hope.  Our goal this year is to provide over 3,000 Easter baskets to needy children in our community.  Many of the baskets are put together by volunteers who fill them with candy, small stuffed animals, crayons and coloring books.  The message to the child that receives the basket is simple:  someone cares about you.  How wonderful that is, to capture the Easter spirit, and in this way, pass it on to a needy child.  It also tells them that this Sunday is different from all other Sundays – this special day is cause for joyous celebration.  This is the message we want to share with the children who come to our Dining Room, the little boys and girls that call our Sweet Dreams Shelter home, and needy school children who have so little joy in their lives. 
            There are several ways you can help.  You can donate a basket that you filled with Easter grass, candy, a coloring book or stuffed animal, a small toy – any of the little Easter things that mean so much to a child.  Another way is to donate Easter baskets that are still in like-new condition, and we’ll fill them with goodies.  Or you can provide some of the supplies we need to assemble baskets.  You can also make a contribution.  A small contribution will go a long way in helping us to purchase the items needed.
            Join us in providing Easter baskets for thousands of needy children.  You can actually build a basket yourself (see instructions below) or make a contribution to the effort online by clicking here, and we will build it for you and give it to a needy or homeless child.  This is a great project for church groups, schools and clubs.  For more information, call us at (225)383-7837, ext. O.