Christmas 2018 at St. Vincent de Paul

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At St. Vincent de Paul, we have one Christmas wish above all others: that every heart will be filled with the true meaning of Christ’s birth. As we celebrate this joyous occasion, we are reminded that His message of love and compassion lives on through us.

When we respond to a plea for help with an act of kindness, it is His hand that guides us. This year, we will service over 270,000 meals; provide over 30,000 guest nights of shelter; and fill prescriptions worth more than a million dollars. Each of these numbers represents a wish fulfilled and a triumph of faith over adversity.

When it comes to wishes, the kids we serve here at St. Vincent de Paul in the weeks leading up to Christmas are pretty typical. Children like Lix, the little girl in the photo, want bikes and dolls and video games; but there are also some things they don’t want. They don’t want to go to bed hungry; the don’t want to live in homes without heat; and they don’t want to worry about adult problems like lay-offs and eviction notices. The adults we serve - people like Liz’s mother - want things like steady jobs and enough income to buy food for themselves and their families, to pay rent and utilities, with a little left over for Christmas gifts. When a homeless mother has nothing to give her child buy love and a kiss, they must rely on others for everything else. Liz and her mother represent the thousands who have benefited from the kinds and generosity of our community.

We’ll do our best to make this Christmas Season a good one for as many people as possible. Our dining room will serve thousands of meals. Our shelters will provide warm beds to homeless men, women and children. Our community pharmacy will fill life-sustaining prescriptions. We hope you will add one more person to your Christmas life and ask you to consider making a gift online. If you can’t afford to give at this time, please pray for the poor and homeless we serve.

At St. Vincent de Paul, $1 will provide a hot meal; $10 will provide a night of shelter for a homeless family; and $28 will fill a life-sustaining prescription; so you can imagine what a difference a large gift can make. Any gift, no matter how small, will make a Christmas wish come true.

You can make Christmas Wishes come true in our community by giving online!