Bishop Ott Sweet Dreams Shelter.

Can you imagine what a homeless child would dream about if they had to sleep in a car tonight? Would they dream of a cozy place with soft beds and fluffy blankets, where there are three good meals a day and no one goes hungry? Or would they dream of scary things that lurk in the dark just outside the windows? We know what homeless parents dream about: a better future, a safe place to stay until they can find a job, save money, and start over. 
At St. Vincent de Paul, our Sweet Dreams Shelter is making dreams come true every day for homeless children like those in the pictures above.  With your support, we make big dreams, little dreams, and everything in between come true. We provide the cozy home, the nourishing meals, and the soft beds that homeless children dream about.  But just as important, we provide the safe haven and the time they need for adults to get back on their feet so they can take care of themselves and their families. 
In 2001, a long-awaited St. Vincent de Paul dream came true when we opened our Sweet Dreams Shelter for women and children.  That dream grew over the past year as we expanded this facility, increasing our bed capacity from 36 to 82.  This means that, in addition to homeless women and children, we can now accept intact families and single-parent families headed by fathers.
This newly expanded facility is proof that, when people work together, dreams can come true; but, we know it took a lot more than hard work and financial support to make this vision a reality.  Thousands of prayers laid the foundation for this effort long before the first concrete was poured.  So, please keep praying!  Our Sweet Dreams Shelter is so important to people who have nowhere else to turn.
We thank you for your past support and hope you will continue your support now that we have greatly expanded our efforts to help homeless women, children, and families.  Our first request to you is to pray for the homeless we serve.  With our expansion, we also need your financial support more than ever, so please consider making a gift to our Sweet Dreams Shelter.  If you are able to give you can do so by clicking here.  
On behalf of the homeless children, women and families we serve, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and to everyone who shares our concern for the homeless in our community.  The children and mothers in these pictures are just a few of the thousands of people whose lives have been changed through our Sweet Dreams Shelter because of your support.  Thank you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Michael J. Acaldo
President & CEO