Thankfulness - Michael J. Acaldo


In my 28 Thanksgivings at St. Vincent de Paul, I have seen much to be thankful for.  Day after day, to see what our community does for the less fortunate is so uplifting.  But to be present on Thanksgiving Day during the holiday meal service is quite an experience.  Behind the serving line, volunteers attired in plastic aprons and gloves dish up turkey with all the trimmings.  Others are carrying the filled plates to the tables where our guests are waiting.  Younger volunteers are pouring beverages.  Mouth-watering aromas fill the air, and the hectic, happy atmosphere is truly wonderful. 
I am thankful to live in a community like Baton Rouge where people care about their needy neighbors, and it’s a privilege to see so many people stepping up to make a difference.  Whether you give financially, through volunteerism, or both, you are giving the priceless gift of hope to someone in desperate need.  On behalf of those we serve, thank you for everything you do to make our community a better place.     

-- Michael J. Acaldo, President & CEO, St. Vincent de Paul Charities