A Quarter of A Million Meals and Counting.....


Under the leadership of Denise Terrance and with the help of many volunteers, our St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room has done a phenomenal job this year of meeting the need in our community.  Over 250,000 meals will be served in 2017!  We are our community’s safety net, ensuring that everyone has a place to turn for a hot meal. 
In-kind food donations play a critical role in our menus and save thousands of dollars in food costs.  A lot of these donations include fresh produce from local supermarkets.  A bag of onions may have one or two bad ones and four or five that are perfect.  It would be a shame for good food to go to waste when so many people are hungry.  Our volunteers and small staff sort through the donations every day, and only the good stuff makes it to our serving line. 
Our dining room takes the food donations that are given to us, fills in the gaps, and serves up a delicious meal every day.  Funding for the meals we serve comes primarily from people like you, and that, in itself, is amazing.  To serve a hot, nutritious meal every day, without fail, along with a brown bag supper is quite an accomplishment.  We couldn’t be successful without in-kind donations, but we also have to purchase the food items that are not donated.  In addition to food costs, there are unseen costs that have to be covered, things like electricity, water, and garbage pick-ups.   It’s only because of your support that we are able to provide this daily service.  This Thanksgiving, we ask you to pray for the people we serve.