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The great crew from Catholic Life TV has put together a terrific new season of Beacons of Light!

Beacons of Light is a television series produced by Catholic Life Television of the Diocese of Baton Rouge. This television department provides our Vincentian family an opportunity to share our charitable programs with the greater community.

The Beacons of Light television show on Catholic Life Channel Television is on Cox Channel 15 and Roku, provides viewers a great opportunity to see St. Vincent de Paul in action.

Our weekly schedule is Sunday at 3:00 p.m., Monday at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. and Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

We're Hiring!

Director of Stores – St. Vincent de Paul Baton Rouge


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge is seeking a Director of Stores. Qualified applicants must have previous management and leadership experience, college education is strongly preferred, excellent communication and organization skills and the ability to offer excellent customer service.

The Director of Stores oversees and directs the overall operations of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores Program (6 locations). The Director, in concert with the President & CEO, establish goals and objectives that support and ensure the achievement of the strategies and objectives of the Society’s Stores. The Director of Stores is primarily responsible for driving sales and increasing revenues while coaching and developing a committed and highly performing team committed to service in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.

·The Director will be directly responsible for planning, executing, controlling, and evaluating all aspects of the Thrift/Resale Stores including increased sales, in-kind donation procurement and stewardship of gently used donations.

·Build relationships with customers, volunteers, and staff to create a welcoming and pleasant environment to achieve operational goals. Support staff through coaching, counseling, disciplining; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.

·Provide leadership, think strategically, analytically and creatively. Analyze sales figures and forecasting to ensure maximization of sales and profit. Develop promotional strategies to achieve goals.

·Develop, cultivate and steward donation channels to build a sufficient inventory pipeline.

·Evaluation of current processes and implementation new processes that ensure smooth operations.

·Adhere to the spirit and mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul by ensuring that needy neighbors are assisted in a respectful and discreet manner.

·Coordinate with President & CEO and other managerial staff to develop and implement strategies to sell store product/donated goods through optimal distribution channels. Assist with determining best strategies to drive overall sales for the organization.

·Work with Stores Committee to develop all locations to their full potential.


·Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university, preferred

·Five to seven years management experience and/or training in retail, retail management

·Two to five years’ experience developing and managing people

·Strong analytical skills

·Database experience preferred


Competitive based on experience.

SVDP of Baton Rouge is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Type: Full-time


Apply on – Director of Stores Operations – St. Vincent de Paul Baton Rouge

Someone Cares About Your Future!

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Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.08.09 PM.png

For every little boy and girl, the first day of school should be filled with smiles and laughter. Unfortunately, many children in our community are dreading that day because their uniform from last year doesn’t fit anymore or, even worse, they have no uniform at all. A typical school year consists of approximately 1,000 hours of instructional time, but when children feel different or inferior, they don’t want to spend one minute in the classroom. When they feel confident, those hours at school can be a happy time.

When you look at a picture of a child, the first thing you notice is their expression, and a child’s smile is priceless!  You can see the smiles on the faces of Savannah, Wyatt, Frankie and Kaylee because they just got that much-needed uniform.  What you don’t see are the challenges they’ve had to face in their short lives. Hunger and homelessness aren’t the only consequences of poverty; for children, embarrassment and humiliation can leave permanent emotional scars.  

With our camera, we’ve been able to capture a happy moment in time as these children received their new school uniforms, but it’s impossible to capture their hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties, either through the written word or the camera.  These young boys and girls have something in common with every other child helped through our Uniforms for Kids effort. Their parents are fighting a daily battle between limited financial resources and rising costs. They simply can’t afford to buy the uniforms their children need.

Our Uniforms for Kids effort began in 1998 to help needy kids in these situations.  Now, all these years later, our goals remain the same: to preserve the self-esteem of poor and homeless children and to keep them in the classroom.  Without an education, they have little hope for a better future. This year, we have set a goal of providing 20,000 uniforms to 10,000 children. We give each child two uniforms – one to wash and one to wear.  

WAFB, the Albemarle Foundation, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health and Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan and Associates have joined together to make a difference in these children’s lives.  We are blessed to have their support, and we need your support as well. Will you consider giving a gift to help one child? At a cost of $12.00 for each uniform, you can help a needy child by giving $24.00, which will purchase two uniforms.  How many children can you help? Whether you help us put a smile on the face of one child, or many, be assured that no amount is too small or too large.  

Many of life’s most valuable lessons are learned outside the classroom, and every uniform we give to a needy child teaches them that there is someone who cares about their future.  On behalf of Savannah, Wyatt, Frankie, Kaylee, and thousands of other needy children, we thank you in advance for your consideration of our request.  


Michael J. Acaldo

President & CEO

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 3.30.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.10.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 8.16.45 AM.png

Uniforms for Kids - Give the Gift of a Uniform to a Child in Need

UFK logo (screenshot) copy.png

In elementary and middle school, the typical student spends between 900 and 1,000 hours in the classroom each year, but, too often, the lessons they learn on the playground are the ones that have the greatest impact in their lives. Education is their only way out of poverty, but being ridiculed for not having the proper attire can cause a child’s excitement about learning to be overshadowed by the fear of embarrassment and humiliation.

To a child looking forward to the first day of school, clothing seems almost as important as food. A clean uniform that fits properly enables them to focus on what they are being taught, not on what they are teased about.

There are thousands of children that are counting on us for school uniforms. Once again, WAFB Channel 9, Locke Meredith - Sean Fagan & Associates, Our Lady of the Lake Children's Health and the Albemarle Foundation have joined St. Vincent de Paul to help with our Uniforms for Kids effort. We are blessed to have their support, and we need your support as well.

Will you consider helping just one child? At a cost of $12.00 for each uniform, you can help a needy child by giving $24.00, which will provide two uniforms – one to wash and one to wear. How many needy children can you help? Be assured that no amount is too small or too large.

On behalf of the poor and homeless children we serve through this critical community program, we thank you in advance for your consideration of our request.


Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry

St. Vincent de Paul Responds to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry

St. Vincent de Paul is responding to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry.  Our Bishop Ott Shelter Program has initiated its hurricane disaster plan for the upcoming days and nights.  We have expanded our bed capacity and anticipate serving many homeless men, women and children tonight and for the days and nights to come.  Thanks to the Louisiana Housing Corporation we have been able to make this expansion of services possible.  During a disaster, the homeless are often forgotten, so these efforts are so important.    


We are prepared to accommodate currently homeless men, women, children and families in need of shelter during this upcoming tropical storm/hurricane weather.   We are providing the street homeless a safe place to go. Our plan will continue through Monday and will be extended if necessary.  Shelter for the homeless is particularly important for those living on the street during adverse weather conditions.


As a community leading homeless services provider, our shelter program operates four night shelters (with a 160+ bed capacity) and one homeless day center. We currently operate two emergency shelters for men, one for homeless women and children, and one for families and children. We will make room for emergency cases.  


In 2018, we provided day and night shelter services to over 1,500 men, women and children, and provided over 30,000 guest nights of shelter. In addition to providing shelter, our programs offer services to help individuals break the cycle of homelessness and become self-sufficient. Our programs have a good record of helping the homeless obtain employment, affordable housing and other things necessary to become self-sufficient. Our philosophy of giving a hand-up, not a hand-out, has been a successful approach.   The shelter currently has the following needs: towels, pillows, soap, deodorant, rain gear, socks and other needed items.  


Our St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room is also responding by providing hot meals (as we always do at 220 St. Vincent de Paul Place location) at 11:30 am through 1:00 pm everyday of the year.  The Dining Room has ongoing need for the following items:  Granulated garlic, Creole Seasoning (Tony Chachere’s, Zatarains, Season All, or any other), Flour, Mashed Potato Mix, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Onion Powder, Gallon Zip Lock Bags, Quart Zip Lock Bags, Sandwich Zip Lock Bags, Cups - 8 or 10 ounce, Red, Navy, or Pinto Beans (Dry), Salt and Pepper Shakers, Kitchen Bouque, Soup Spoons, Tomato Paste, Tomato Sauce, Corn (#10 Cans), Green Beans (#10 Cans) , Sweet Peas (#10 Cans), Blackeyed Peas (Dry), Pork-N-Bean, Rice, Spaghetti, Sweeten Drink Mix, Salad Dressings, All Canned Fruit, Bar-B-Que Sauce, Mayo Packs, Mustard Packs, Margarine, Ketchup (Bottles or Packs) and Smoked Sausage. 


St. Vincent de Paul will be providing many more services if needed after the bad weather subsides.  Please keep those we are serving, our volunteers and small staff in your thoughts and prayers.  Anyone wishing to make a financial contribution can do by clicking here.


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is one of Baton Rouge's oldest charitable institutions, serving our community and responding to disasters for over 150 years.  Our mission, through person-to-person contact, mass feeding, sheltering, and other channels, encompasses every form of aid which alleviates suffering.

Volunteers Needed - Manna Givers Sweet Dreams Expansion Shelter

We need more Manna Givers for the Sweet Dreams EXPANSION Shelter.

Did you know that “manna” is a term used in the Old Testament of the Bible to describe something unexpected, especially if it feels like a miracle? Specifically, the Israelites, who were desperate, received “manna” in the form of bread just when they most needed it.

We have had guests of St. Vincent de Paul share with us the fear ...and trepidation they felt when they initially entered the shelter. After all, it was an environment unfamiliar to them. It is a natural human trait to fear the unknown because we can’t predict the outcome. It wasn’t long before these guests encountered empathetic shelter guests that had experienced these same feelings and staff members willing to help them in any way possible. Then, along comes the volunteer (the “Manna Giver”) that through love and selflessness brings a delicious meal made with compassion for one’s fellow human being. Yes, it feels like a miracle to our guests who have felt helpless and alone. No longer alone, our guests allow themselves to finally feel hope for the future.

If you are able, won’t you be a part of providing a miracle to our guests? If you have questions, please call us at 383-7837, ext. 207.

To sign up today, you may do so by using the link provided below:

Immediate Needs Wishlist

We are in desperate need of the items listed below. If you can possibly help us with these items, we would be most grateful.

  • Diapers, sizes 4 and 5

  • Girls and Boys Pull-Ups, sizes 3T and 4T

  • Girls and Boys Pull-Ups, sizes 4T and 5T

  • Baby Wipes

  • Towels

  • Soap

    Items can be delivered to the shelter located at 1623 Convention Street Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm. You will need to park in the pharmacy lot and walk down the sidewalk (about 5 yards) to the shelter double doors.

    Thank you in advance for ANY help you can provide.

2nd Annual Neighborfest Was a Huge Success!

Our 2nd Annual NeighborFest was a huge success! 200+ people came together for a joyous day of fellowship in the Valley Park Community. Thanks be to God! 

Three pastors in the area participated in the ceremony, along with Major-President Sharon Weston Broome came and presented certificates of appreciation to 10 “Living Legends" - Valley Park residents who are 90 years or older and have lived and raised their families in the area.

A Capella soloists from the community came and sang the National Anthem and How Great Thou Art. The KCs did a delicious job on grilling hundreds and hundreds of hamburgers and hot dogs! St. Aloysius Parishioners made over 300 cookies! 27 bikes were donated and given away! The Girl Scouts made and gave away 20 cakes! Face painting and bubbles and Brec on The Geaux for the children, The BR Sheriff’s office and DJ for dancing, Ice cream, snow cones, lemonade, etc. etc. etc. !

Our SVDP conference gave away books, spiritual bracelets, and prayer cards! A very special thanks to fellow Vincentians who were there to spread the joy: Jonelle Thompson, Michelle Carrier, Aeli Poydras, Paul Coreil, Johnny Dunaway, Charlie Abboud, Gene Gomez, Dela Jakub Wood and special friend, Aaron. A special thanks to Connie Planche for coordinating the cookie drive.

The Valley Park Community presented St. Aloysius with a plaque of appreciation which referenced Mathew 22-36-40. Love thy neighbor as thyself vs. 39. Miss Green’s daughter, Melissa Green Fowler, presented the plaque. Mr. and Mrs. Green, owners of Owen’s Grocery and Deli, along with their daughters, grandchildren, and longstanding employee of Owen's grocery, Miss Valencia, were all present. They are such a beautiful and inspiring family who work together every day to serve the community. 

St. Aloysius Catholic Church and our St. Aloysius SVdP Conference are absolute amazing grace! Let us continue to serve together to build God’s kingdom here on Earth!

Ribbon Cutting & Groundbreaking!

Wednesday, May 22, Bishop Michael Duca led community leaders in cutting the ribbon of our newly completed Bishop Ott Sweet Dreams Shelter Expansion Project.   The expansion of 46 beds opened about a year ago. It has served hundreds of homeless mothers and children, fathers and children, and couples with children. Community support has kept hope alive for these homeless families who had nowhere else to turn.  This project was funded privately by individuals, the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, and St. Aloysius Catholic Church.

In addition, Bishop Michael Duca, Bishop Robert Muench, and community leaders broke ground today on a new addition to the shelter facility which once completed will increase the number of homeless individuals and families served during the day, and we can convert this new building into a 36-bed night shelter for the homeless during emergencies and disasters, such as freeze nights, hurricanes and floods.   In 2018, the Broome Administration awarded St. Vincent de Paul a $1 million HUD Disaster Recovery Grant to expand our facility.    

St. Vincent de Paul’s Leadership has been working hard with city and state officials on this new project.  This project went out to bid earlier this year, and came in $196,000 over budget.  Taking a leap of faith, St. Vincent de Paul is moving forward with the project.  If you would like to help us raise the remaining funding we need for this project, you can make a online gift today by clicking here!  

St. Vincent de Paul Needs Wish List

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 1.29.47 PM.png

*All items in bold are critically needed as soon as possible.

*All items italicized will be critically needed in the near future.

Shelter Needs Wish List

These items can be delivered to 1623 Convention Street

Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM

For Children and Infants

  • Diapers (Sized 4, 5, and 6)

  • Baby Wipes

  • Pull - Ups (Sizes 2T-3T and 4T-5T most needed)

  • Crib Sheets (Mini-Crib Mattress Size - 24” wide and 38” long)

  • Baby Bottles

  • Baby Pacifiers

  • Sippy Cups

Clothing Needs for All

  • Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Pajamas

    • Women’s Panties (large and small sizes)

    • Men’s T-Shirts (XL, 2X, and 3X)

    • Men’s Boxers (All sizes)

Toiletry Needs

  • Soap

  • Shampoo

  • Hair Conditioner

  • Hairbrushes

  • Sturdy Hair Picks

  • Lotion

  • Toothpaste

  • Mouthwash

  • Denture Adhesive

  • Bath Towels

  • Deodorant

  • Cotton Swabs and Cotton Balls

Bedding Needs for Adults

  • Standard bed pillows

  • Sheets and Blankets (twin size)

Kitchen Needs

  • Dish Towels

Dining Room Wish List

These items can be delivered to the Dining Room of St. Vincent de Paul located at 220 St. Vincent de Paul Place

Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM

  • Granulated garlic

  • Creole Seasoning (Tony Chachere’s, Zatarains, Season All, or any other)

  • Flour

  • Mashed Potato Mix

  • Sugar

  • Salt

  • Oil

  • Onion Powder

  • Gallon Zip Lock Bags

  • Quart Zip Lock Bags

  • Sandwich Zip Lock Bags

  • Cups - 8 or 10 ounce

  • Red, Navy, or Pinto Beans (Dry)

  • Salt and Pepper Shakers

  • Kitchen Bouquet

  • Soup Spoons

  • Tomato Paste

  • Tomato Sauce

  • Corn (#10 Cans)

  • Green Beans (#10 Cans)
    Sweet Peas (#10 Cans)

  • Blackeyed Peas (Dry)

  • Pork-N-Beans

  • Rice

  • Spaghetti

  • Sweeten Drink Mix

  • Salad Dressings

  • All Canned Fruit

  • Bar-B-Que Sauce

  • Mayo Packs

  • Mustard Packs

  • Margarine

  • Ketchup (Bottles or Packs)

  • Smoked Sausage

If you have any questions, please phone our Volunteer Coordinator at 383-7837, ext 207.

During the Easter Season, we are reminded of the sacrifice He made and of those who followed in His footsteps so long ago. For them, weakness and doubt became unshakeable faith. They went forward – even unto death – in their roles as disciples, continuing His ministry on earth.

As modern day disciples, our challenge is to transform God’s blessings into a visible sign of His presence in our world today. We are His physical body on earth, and everything we do can be a reflection of His love. Our journey through life is not always easy. Sometimes the road is steep, and there is no way of knowing what waits for us around the next corner. Regardless of the path we take, Jesus is always with us.

When He said, “For I was hungry and you gave me food…” He was speaking across time and space to all of us. At St. Vincent de Paul, we can see His face in every person who waits in line for our daily meal, in the faces of the homeless who come to us for shelter and those who hope that our pharmacy can ease their suffering. When we help someone in need, we are extending His hand to them.

This year, our goal is to serve over 280,000 meals, provide 35,000 guest nights of shelter and fill over $1 million worth of prescription medication. Please consider making a gift to Christ’s ministry to the poor. You can feed the hungry at our Dining Room, provide shelter to the homeless at the Bishop Ott Shelter, or fill prescriptions for the needy at our Community Pharmacy.

Momentum For Our Chapel Project!

We hope you saw the story about our chapel project in the February 1st issue of the Catholic Commentator. Richard Meek did a wonderful job of sharing the vision of our chapel and why it’s so important to support this effort. We recently received some exciting news about our chapel project! Sue Broussard, in memory of Don Broussard, has made a challenge gift for half of what we need to make this chapel a reality. We have about $140,000 left to raise and, for every gift up to $70,000 total, the Broussard family will match the gift. We ask you to get behind this effort. A chapel will make an impact on our volunteers so that when they encounter those we serve, they can connect it with their faith and they can be strengthened as they help people that are in hopeless situations. And for those in hopeless situations, this will provide them a place where they can go to pray and reflect during this difficult time in their lives. We ask you to continue praying for this project, help us to spread the word about the chapel, and please consider making a financial gift. Once the necessary funds are raised, we can get this project under way. If you would like to get involved with this project, email Michael Acaldo at or call him at (225) 383-7837, ext. 0.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 11.45.37 AM.png

EASTER 2019!

As we celebrate the joy of Easter, we are also reminded that those who loved Jesus were filled with sorrow and hopelessness in the days following the crucifixion.  But through the miracle of the resurrection, hope was restored, and the faith of His followers became so powerful that they were able to change the world. 
Here at St. Vincent de Paul, faith and hope are renewed daily. Like that first miracle of water transformed into wine, we know that Christ is present when we see dreams replacing despair, and a last chance become a new beginning.  We see His face in every person we serve, and it is His hand that guides us as we provide shelter, fill prescriptions, and serve meals to the needy.  
Most of the people who come to us have hope that things will get better, while others have almost given up.  At our St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room, we’re so grateful that we can give them a nourishing meal, as well as a helping hand to other resources.  In 2018, we served 282,000 meals and also served as a gateway to desperately needed services such as our shelter and pharmacy.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.12.04 AM.png

Our Bishop Ott Shelters provided over 36,000 guest nights of shelter last year to homeless men, women, children, and families.  These are the poorest of the poor:  people who have lost everything.  It’s here that we most often see children like Billy, in the photo above – children whose families might be living on the streets or in their cars if our services were not available.  We offer them much more than a warm bed and safety from the streets; we give them hope for the future.

 Our Community Pharmacy is also a place where hope is resurrected.  Although we do see some younger patients, the majority are older individuals.  Many of them have never had to ask for help before and were breaking tablets in half or skipping doses of critical medications before coming to us.  Last year, we filled prescriptions worth more than $1.3 million, and each prescription improved someone’s health and touched their heart. In some cases, it saved a life. 

During this holy season, we are especially grateful for the people who make our work possible – people like you.  Over 2,000 years after the resurrection of Christ, St. Vincent de Paul is working hard to continue His ministry, and we need your help.  You were the answer to someone’s prayer in the past.  Will you support our efforts once again by giving online by clicking
It’s not just children like Billy that need a helping hand. Thousands of people are hungry, homeless, sick, or forgotten.  Be assured, their prayers do not go unheard.  It’s just that, sometimes, God wants us to be the answer.  
We thank you in advance for your support.  Your generosity will truly give hope to someone in desperate need.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Michael J. Acaldo
President & CEO

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.11.23 AM.png

New Emergency Shelter Project Out for Bids


We have received a $1 million grant to build a new emergency day and night shelter next to our current Bishop Ott Shelter. Our architect, Bob Lunsford, has a good design for the facility that will expand our ability to serve the homeless during the day, as well as during emergency situations such as freeze nights and hurricanes. This project had to receive city, state, HUD, and EPA approval. We have received those approvals, as well as approval from the city and state to go out for bids. The bids were due in before the end of March. Hopefully, the bids came in within the scope of the dollars that we have to expend for this project, and we can break ground sometime in April or May on this project, which is so needed by homeless men, women, and children in our community. We want to thank the Mayor’s Office of Community Development for their support of this significant project, which will have such an impact in our community. We will keep you informed of the progress of this exciting new endeavor. Please keep this project in your thoughts and prayers.